Ghau Prayer Boxes & Tibetan Pendants
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Ghau001 $35
Kalachakra Prayer Box Pendent

Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra prayer box pendent is Tibetan silver with turquoise and coral inlays.

GPendant016 $65
Conch-Coral Pendant
Large conch shell set in sterling silver with turquoise and red coral. Backside has a beautiful engraved flower design This pendant has a wonderfully wise feeling in it. 2.5” diameter.

Ghau003 $55
Afghani Lapis Lazuli Sterling Silver Prayer Box Pendent
Made by Tibetan artisans in Nepal. It has a solid Lapis Lazuli gemstone set in Sterling Silver and measures about 1.25" in length.

Ghau005 $25
Tibetan Silver OM Ghau Prayer Box Pendent
Tibetan Silver OM ghau prayer box pendent, with turquoise inlay double dorje design and kalachakra symbol on the back. Great amulet for sacred objects.

Ghau006 $55
Tibetan Sterling Silver Topaz Prayer Box Pendent
An exceptionally beautiful golden topaz prayer box with very intricate sterling silver workmanship, you'll love this pendent!

The Ghau, or Prayer Box Pendant, is used as an amulet to help the wearer to ward off negative energy and attract blessings. These Ghau are also used as a portable shrine and are worn on a cord around the neck and hung close to the heart. Cords are supplied with every prayer box purchased.

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