Universal Healing Gemstone Necklaces
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Imagination , Creativity and Dreams
This special and rare old yak bone necklace with turquoise and coral inlays hand-crafted by Tibetan artisans invokes fairy-like qualities, and enhances imagination, dreams and creativity. $75

Good Luck Charm and Good Fortune
Jade is known throughout the Orient for attracting good luck and Citrine for prosperity; together they help promote wealth and good fortune. $75


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Intuition and Guidance
This conch shell bead necklace from Northern India combined with Turquoise contributes towards enhanced intuition and guidance. $75

Protection from Electromagnetic Energies, Microwaves, Computers etc.
Amethyst and Rose Quartz are especially helpful for shielding you from harmful electromagnetic type energies. This necklace is especially useful if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer. $75

Nervousness and Anxiety
The combination of Malachite and Rose Quartz is particularly beneficial for promoting calm energy. Meditation is also very useful for calming the mind, body and emotions. $75

Universal Healing Gemstone Necklaces
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